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Aero Wheel Spoke Overlay

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Tesla Model 3 aero wheel spoke overlay.

Comes in two versions:

  • Version 1 - Partial Spokes Overlay (Face of the spoke)
  • Comes in a set of 25 pieces (5 pieces per wheel / 5 Extra pieces just in case)


  • Version 2 - Full Spokes Overlay (Face of the spoke and inside spoke)
  • Comes in a set of 50 pieces (10 pieces per wheel / 10 Extra pieces just in case)


-- Due to monitor resolution, color of vinyl may be slightly different, pictures only for reference --

Custom colors are available, please request the color in the checkout message box.

Please note that tools are not included in the purchase. If you are looking for tools, please check out our tools page over here. 

Installation guides can be found here.